How healthy is your health plan?

Use this interactive 7-point checkup to find out. Download now!
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When was the last time you reflected on the "health" of your health benefits?


With widespread inflation, the "great resignation" and today's acute focus on health and wellness, it may be time to examine your benefits strategy. This guide walks you through seven key areas for evaluating affordability, access and quality. Each section poses thought-provoking questions, provides insights and ideas and offers a prescription for improving outcomes - for your employees' health and pockets as well as your bottom line. 

What's inside?

Health Checkup

Interactive 7-point checkup


Where are you and your employees feeling the pain? Evaluate your health plan step by step or jump right to where it hurts most.



Prescriptions for change


Do aspects of your plan require a follow-up? We've included prescriptive solutions to help get your health plan back on track.


Printable symptoms checklist


We know it's hard to remember everything after an exam, so we've included a printable symptoms checklist to take to your next broker meeting.